Episode 50: Get Off My Lawn


Welcome to our golden anniversary Talkers! Pls email us for the address you can send us all the gold jewelry you got us. We knew you wouldn’t forget.

This week we can’t seem to stop talking about facebook. They are reaching out from the computer screens and looking to take over your TV screens. Jess is working on pilots for Jess and Mishka in the Morning. The first talk show co-hosted by a Pomeranian. Rob is reserving judgment, and Sarah already can’t figure out how to use the remote.

This week in Whoopie, a quick shout out to Whoopi Goldberg being 100 percent chiller than everyone else and sticking up for Tiffany Trump when NYFW fashion editors started bullying her on twitter.

Next we have an inappropriately long conversation about how much we love robes. #Robeup.

If you need it, Romeo and Juliet has been re-written as a text message string.

Since it’s such a slow week politically, and Texas lawmakers apparently have nothing better to do, they are trying to outlaw use of the Chilean flag emoji as the Texas Flag Emoji (Which doesn’t exist). Known rival of the podcast, and governing body on all things emoji, the unicode consortium, will surely be upset when they find out someone else is trying to dictate emoji law.

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Episode 49 – It’s The #IceCreamOfthePast

Hey talkers,

We are trying out some new recording equipment and software so hang in there with us if you notice the audio is different. Also super open to recommendations.

Facebook takes on a snap like quality with all the new messenger updates. With the new filters and bots they clearly want to take over snapchats market, but we aren’t sure they can. We dig into the different video options on social media. Rob explains snapchat to Jess and Sarah. Again.

Next Jess and Rob talk job hunting in the digital age. From working with recruiters, and job searching sites, to forcing yourself to keep cool on social media even when the Press Secretary is in a twitter war with GD Dippin Dots. Sarah talks about using job posting apps from the hiring side and how hard it is to wade thru applicants. We also talk salary negotiations, and bullshit job titles.

Lastly we get some general bitching out of the way regarding the current administration and living in a world where Lindsey Graham and President Bush suddenly feel like political allies. We are Mucho Sad….  

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Episode 48: I feel fine. fine.

Hey Talkers,

Most importantly, Will & Grace has been picked up for a 10 episode revival. Also Donald Trump was sworn in as president of the United States of America and the end is nigh. Sad.

Sarah weighs in on a U.S. News & World Report panel ranking the Whole30 as the worst diet out of a list of 38 diet plan. This is of course, completely insane. The Whole30, while not for everyone, is still a diet that recommends real, whole foods, and advocates that participants learn how to read food labels. A skill they will take with them long after the 30 days is over. But whatever U.S. News & World Report panel, tell people to chug Slimfast, the 2nd ingredient of which is Sugar, followed by Rancid Canola Oil, Fructose, Calcium Caseinate, Gum Arabic, Cellulose Gel, Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Mono and Diglycerides…. Bottoms up.

The name naked chicken might lead you to think this is a healthier option. You would be wrong. Photo Credit @itsmemikepe

Next, we talk about how hard working American, Randall Prince, found proof that Hillary Clinton stole the election by stuffing ballot boxes with ballots pre-checked with her name. If fucking only, Randy.

Of course, this never happened, Randall Prince is a fake person, and Hillary Clinton lost the election. This was just a big bullshit story that some guy wrote on the internet and made thousands of dollars off of. So now President Trump is in office, and fake news and alternative facts are just a reality of modern journalism. *Chugs Wine* Congratulations America.

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Links mentioned in episode:
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Episode 46 – The Holidaycast

Why Are You Talking Podcast Episode 46 graphic

Hello, talkers!

Tis the season to dismantle all the things you love about the holidays. That’s the reason for the season, right? Ok, maybe not.

To kick things off, we have breaking news about the latest iOS update. There are serious feelings about the new emojis.

Mainly, this week we are talking about our favorite holiday classics, as well as the marathon of Hallmark movies that Jess has been binging on lately. Did she happen upon some winners? You’ll have to listen and find out. **SPOILER ALERT** We talk about some of the many things wrong with the Christmas move everyone loves (or loves to hate), Love Actually. Go ahead and try to dispute us. [8:35]

We wrap up with each of our lists of favorite holiday songs. Did any of yours make one of our lists? Tell us in the comments below! [27:50]

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