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Robzie basically has no idea what he wants to be when he grows up. As such, he’s a blogger, marketer, runner, actor, and now podcaster. He has a slight obsession with office supplies and his desk is rarely clean. Which, according to some sources, means he’s a genius.

You can follow his musings on Twitter at @robzie_, and feel free to ask him questions directly at rob@whyareyoutalkingpodcast.com.




Sarah is a writer, cat-lover, sommelier, event-planner, editor, publisher and a pretty exceptional cook. Her attention span is about the same as a fruit fly’s so she’s worked in everything from hospitality and dining to corporate publishing. Currently back in school to receive a Nutritional Therapy Practitioners certification, she likes to talk about healthy living and emotional wellness while drinking a glass of wine. She describes her personal lifestyle choice as mostly paleo, but with a lot of tacos.

Keep in touch with her on Instagram @saraheneve or at sarah@whyareyoutalkingpodcast.com.




Jess is a graphic designer, marketer and writer who still isn’t 100% sure what to do with her life. She spends most of her time cooking healthy and not-so-healthy foods, tapping “like” on random shih tzus’ Instagram posts, and hanging out with her Pomhuahua (who totally isn’t jealous at all.) Her perfect day would include Netflix, dirty martinis, and a little creative baking in her vintage apron collection and high heels.

Follow her on Instagram @jesscp to keep track of what she’s cooking, or shoot her an email at jess@whyareyoutalkingpodcast.com to say hi!

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