Episode 46 – The Holidaycast

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Hello, talkers!

Tis the season to dismantle all the things you love about the holidays. That’s the reason for the season, right? Ok, maybe not.

To kick things off, we have breaking news about the latest iOS update. There are serious feelings about the new emojis.

Mainly, this week we are talking about our favorite holiday classics, as well as the marathon of Hallmark movies that Jess has been binging on lately. Did she happen upon some winners? You’ll have to listen and find out. **SPOILER ALERT** We talk about some of the many things wrong with the Christmas move everyone loves (or loves to hate), Love Actually. Go ahead and try to dispute us. [8:35]

We wrap up with each of our lists of favorite holiday songs. Did any of yours make one of our lists? Tell us in the comments below! [27:50]

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