Episode 49 – It’s The #IceCreamOfthePast

Hey talkers,

We are trying out some new recording equipment and software so hang in there with us if you notice the audio is different. Also super open to recommendations.

Facebook takes on a snap like quality with all the new messenger updates. With the new filters and bots they clearly want to take over snapchats market, but we aren’t sure they can. We dig into the different video options on social media. Rob explains snapchat to Jess and Sarah. Again.

Next Jess and Rob talk job hunting in the digital age. From working with recruiters, and job searching sites, to forcing yourself to keep cool on social media even when the Press Secretary is in a twitter war with GD Dippin Dots. Sarah talks about using job posting apps from the hiring side and how hard it is to wade thru applicants. We also talk salary negotiations, and bullshit job titles.

Lastly we get some general bitching out of the way regarding the current administration and living in a world where Lindsey Graham and President Bush suddenly feel like political allies. We are Mucho Sad….  

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