Episode 45 – Kinda Breaking But Mostly Just Broken

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Hello, Talkers!

Do you like emojis? Do you like Twitter? Do you like being lazy? Google has you covered in their latest update, which allows you to Tweet an emoji at @Google, and they’ll kick back some relevant search results for you. We recommend caution when tweeting the peach, banana, and eggplant emojis. It could get weird without safe search on. (3:02)

If you’ve been paying attention to anything lately, you have likely been hearing about “fake news” and what we can do about it. Facebook may have a solution that somewhat takes it out of their hands and puts the responsibility on you. But with great responsibility comes great…power? (8:00)

As if the impending robot overlord takeover wasn’t clear enough, Amazon has announced that it is opening a completely automated store in 2017 in Seattle. Walk in, be monitored by computers to see what you pick up and put down, walk out. If you hate human interaction, this could be your thing. But at what cost? We discuss. (19:30)

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Episode 44 – The UnemploymentCast

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So, Rob isn’t the only one who lost his job. Add Jess to that list. We are now a 66.66% unemployed podcast. But we’re not letting it get us down. Instead, we’re talking about the glorious return of Gilmore Girls. Sarah has very serious opinions, and she wants you to reach out to her to discuss them. Seriously, email her at sarah@whyareyoutalkingpodcast.com and tell her what you thought. Please, because Rob and Jess have nada.

Now, we have a serious question for you: have we reached peak emoji usage? Have brands ruined it for everyone? And when you get an email with an emoji in the subject line, do you care? These are very important questions we need answers to. Tell us in the comments!

Finally, rather than wallow in our sorrows, we’re talking about our side hustles. Want to take a look? Check ’em out.

Jess is kicking off her new box service, Shinebox.
Sarah will help you live a better life with her Tribe Wellness Counseling practice.
Rob blogs about social media, technology, and other nerdy things at Robzie.com.

Let us know what you think of the topics we discuss in this week’s episode, or any of our above side hustles.

This is Not Episode 43

Hey Talkers,

You all know that we lost giants this week. In music, in journalism, and in a way, in the white house. It was a heartbreaking week for so many people, for so many reason. We decided to skip recording an episode that would have undoubtedly been 45 minutes of us ugly crying into a glass of Bourbon and instead spent some healing time together with friends. We hope you are doing the same. Take care of yourselves and each other lovelies. We will be back next week.


Episode 42 – We Are Your Shadowy Overlords


Happy Election Week Talkers,

This week we go for round 2 on the obviously illegal AT&T/Time Warner merger. We also catch up on our love for West World, and Jess gets a love note from HBO about her Halloween costume!

After that we give in to a pre-teen sense of humor and mourn the loss of the truly butt shaped peach emoji. Just when you think we are ending the podcast on a light note. Boom. Huge break-threw in our favorite organization that nobody knows about, The Unicode Consortium. (Scary Music). The shadowy overloads of the Emoji world. We decided we would make excellent shadowy overloads.