Episode 50: Get Off My Lawn


Welcome to our golden anniversary Talkers! Pls email us for the address you can send us all the gold jewelry you got us. We knew you wouldn’t forget.

This week we can’t seem to stop talking about facebook. They are reaching out from the computer screens and looking to take over your TV screens. Jess is working on pilots for Jess and Mishka in the Morning. The first talk show co-hosted by a Pomeranian. Rob is reserving judgment, and Sarah already can’t figure out how to use the remote.

This week in Whoopie, a quick shout out to Whoopi Goldberg being 100 percent chiller than everyone else and sticking up for Tiffany Trump when NYFW fashion editors started bullying her on twitter.

Next we have an inappropriately long conversation about how much we love robes. #Robeup.

If you need it, Romeo and Juliet has been re-written as a text message string.

Since it’s such a slow week politically, and Texas lawmakers apparently have nothing better to do, they are trying to outlaw use of the Chilean flag emoji as the Texas Flag Emoji (Which doesn’t exist). Known rival of the podcast, and governing body on all things emoji, the unicode consortium, will surely be upset when they find out someone else is trying to dictate emoji law.

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Episode 42 – We Are Your Shadowy Overlords


Happy Election Week Talkers,

This week we go for round 2 on the obviously illegal AT&T/Time Warner merger. We also catch up on our love for West World, and Jess gets a love note from HBO about her Halloween costume!

After that we give in to a pre-teen sense of humor and mourn the loss of the truly butt shaped peach emoji. Just when you think we are ending the podcast on a light note. Boom. Huge break-threw in our favorite organization that nobody knows about, The Unicode Consortium. (Scary Music). The shadowy overloads of the Emoji world. We decided we would make excellent shadowy overloads.